North Bay Painting and Wood Preserving can make your wood look the way it used to look, and add years of life to your wood structures.

Take a look at the steps this building on the left went through to acheive the appearance of fresh, new wood shingle.

This building went from looking like there was no hope of restoring it to the vibrant rich exterior it once had.

1st Step: Power Wash

First we use high pressure cleaning equipment which strips the wood back to its natural form. This process alone will bring back the glowing, natural tones of your wood structure without causing any damage to the wood.

2nd Step: Oil Treatment

Second and finally, we protect your wood with the industry's best wood preservative. There are three natural wood tones to choose from. We guarantee your wood will withstand sun and weather for up to five years (compared to the leading products who promise one or two years at best).


This building was treated with Radcon Wood Preservative, 50/50 mix.

Location: 1330 Lincoln Ave., San Rafael, CA

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